Goodman-Amana CTK04AB Prestige Commercial Thermostat

Goodman-Amana CTK04AB Prestige Commercial Thermostat
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Goodman-Amana CTK04AB Prestige Commercial Thermostat

Goodman-Amana CTK04AB Prestige Commercial Thermostat

* This Product is Now Obsolete
No Replacement Available
Goodman-Amana CTK04AB Prestige Commercial Thermostat
ComfortNet communicating control systems for residential heating and cooling systems provide an elevated level of home comfort. From any device connected to the internet* the homeowner can enjoy features such as outdoor temperature display, integrated dehumidification, advanced diagnostics and a programmable continuous fan control, in addition to setting a specific temperature for the home or creating a programmable schedule.

ComfortNet is compatible with Goodman®, Amana®, and Daikin brands:
• Inverter HP and A/C
• 2-Stage HP and A/C
• Modulating Furnace / Variable Speed ECM
• 2-Stage Furnace / Variable Speed ECM / 2-Stage HP and A/C
• Air Handler / Variable Speed ECM / 2-Stage HP and A/C

Innovative Control
The CTK04 RedLINK™ wireless technology and its full suite of wireless-enabled accessories help to better meet a homeowner’s personal comfort needs. Wireless accessory add-ons such as the remote indoor and outdoor temperature sensors and remote control offer comfort, convenience and connection.

Internet Gateway
The installation of an optional RedLINK Internet Gateway to a ComfortNet™ CTK04 thermostat builds a wireless network through Honeywell’s free Total Connect Comfort Services
application. Once registered, you can customize the system and download the freemobile app to connect to up to four RedLINK thermostats through the Honeywell Total Comfort
Connect portal. This provides connectivity from anywhere you have a device with an internet connetion – from the other side of the house, at work or anywhere in the world.

Works with the following Honeywell RedLINK accessories:
• RedLINK Internet Gateway / Total Connect
• Wireless outdoor and indoor air sensor
• Portable comfort control
• Entry/Exit remote
• Vent and filter boost remote
• TrueSTEAM humidifier with wireless adapter

Standard features:
• Selectable staging options
• Customizable service reminders
• Advanced modulation control
• Programmable heat pump balance point
• Auxiliary heat lockout
• 4-speed selectable continuous fan speed
• Full-color display
• On-board dehumidification and humidification control

• Smart scheduling feature programmable to any lifestyle
• User Interaction Log provides a searchable history of setting changes
• Advanced staging control
• Heat and cool cycle rate adjustment
• Energy management recovery
• Keypad lockout options
• Dealer contact information options
• USB upload and download options
• Maximum heat and minimum cool set-point temperatures

Compatible with Google Home & Amazon Alexa

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