Honeywell DC120L11701000 Universal Digital Controller DC120L-1-1-7-0-1-0-0-0

Honeywell DC120L11701000 Universal Digital Controller DC120L-1-1-7-0-1-0-0-0
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Honeywell DC120L11701000 Universal Digital Controller DC120L-1-1-7-0-1-0-0-0

Honeywell DC120L11701000 Universal Digital Controller DC120L-1-1-7-0-1-0-0-0

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Honeywell DC120L11701000 Universal Digital Controller DC120L-1-1-7-0-1-0-0-0

The UDC1200 & UDC1700 are microprocessor-based 1/16 DIN and 1/8 DIN controllers, which combine a high degree of functionality and reliability at low cost. They are fully dedicated to monitor and control temperatures, pressures and levels in a wide range of applications such as environmental chambers, furnaces, ovens, packaging machines and other applications in plastics and the food and beverage industries. The large and easy-to-read dual 4-digit display and tactile keypad make the UDC1200 and UDC1700 easy to configure and use. Their outstanding flexibility enables you to configure any unit for any application and change it if required.

For the thousands of satisfied UDC1000/1500 users, the UDC1200/ 1700 controllers are downward compatible to existing UDC1000/1500 applications and installations.


• Two 4-digit displays with 7 LED segments, each configurable for
- PV and SP (non adjustable)
- PV and SP (adjustable)
- PV and Ramping SP
- PV only
Easier to configure
Two different configuration levels (Configuration mode and set-up mode) provide easy access to parameters. A 4-digit security code prevents unauthorized changes.

Moisture reistant front-face
Meets NEMA 3 / IP65 front-face protection against dust and water.

Universal input
Accepts seven different types of thermocouples, RTDs, current and voltage linear inputs. All inputs are configurable as standard.

Universal power supply
The UDC1200 and UDC1700 can operate on any line voltage from 90 Vac to 264 Vac at 50/60 Hz. A 24/48 Vac/dc model is available as an option.

Easy upgrade
All the option boards are jumper free and detected automatically by the instrument.

Easy output selection
All the outputs (including the control output) of the instrument can be changed to meet the exact customer’s needs.

Alarm strategy
Two soft alarms for PV, deviation high/low/absolute. A special loop alarm is also provided to detect faults in the control loop by continuously analyzing the PV response to the control output. Alarm inhibit is available on power up and setpoint switching. Manual/Automatic mode
Manual control (via bumpless transfer) is enabled by simply pressing the frontface AUTO/MAN key. The “SET” LED flashes and the output power is displayed on the lower display. Output can be adjusted with the upper and lower keys.

Pre-tuning and self-tuning strategy
Pre-tuning is used to set up the PID parameters close to the optimum values, which the self-tuning algorithm uses to subsequently optimize the tuning parameters.

Limit controller
Packaged in 1/16 DIN, the UDC1200 limit controller is designed to provide a safety shut-off and optional alarms for use in a wide variety of applications.
Accuracy 0.1 % of span ± 1 LSD
Temperature Stability 0.01 % of span per ºC
Input Signal Failure Fail-safe output value: Achieved when burnout is detected. Value depends on configuration. For thermocouple and mV input detected by any lead break: Upscale burnout. For RTD: Burnout detected by any lead break. Current or voltage input: Burnout set by ope
Approvals UL, FM approval on the UDC1200 Limit Model
Alarms Maximum number of alarms: 2 soft alarms setpoint + 1 loop alarm

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